Beautiful, irresistible, sexy, seductive…envied by all. At first glance, one would think that this woman has the world by the tail. Love, beauty, sex and seduction form the template of her entire life. These things are effortlessly expressed in her physical appearance and everyday behavior. Her innate sexual charisma, when joined with her witty intelligence and personal charm, produces a lethal combination sure to seduce men.

In front of her friends and family, she may try to hide her sexual appetite, pretending to be a good girl, while in secret living the life of a bad girl. She may be in relationships that are more about great sex than open and honest sharing of who she is. She may blame the reason for not being in an intimate, committed relationship is not having found the “perfect” man, or she may feel that being alone is safer than taking a leap into a real relationship.

Her calm and self-assured demeanor suggests confidence. In reality, just below her thin surface, she experiences intense dependency needs. These needs come out in a myriad of ways, often unexpectedly and out of her control. Her acting out may land her in extremely unhealthy, dysfunctional and dangerous circumstances such as violence (fights, throwing objects), cheating on her significant other, and generally destroying relationships. Those close to this woman are often shocked by her reactive behavior. Even those who profess to love her eventually find her impossible to deal with and reject her. Disgraced by this rejection, guilt-ridden and tormented over her behavior, she blames herself, believing that she is rotten to the core.

The Aphrodesian Woman must come to know and embrace the reality of her archetype and the truth of who she is. By recognizing her true self and learning to nurture it, she can meet the world on her terms. By integrating the Aphrodite Archetype into her concept of self, she can move beyond neurosis and begin making choices that lead to her fulfillment and self-actualization.

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