The Aphrodisian Woman must come to know and embrace the reality of her archetype (the Aphrodite Archetype) and the truth of who she is.

Jungian depth psychology is ideally suited to the acceleration of personal development, leading one toward a more fulfilling life. The Jungian psychologist’s primary goal is to help others integrate the timeless archetypal realities behind their personal psychological experiences.
Instead of encouraging her to disown the Aphrodite Archetype, as some psychologists would suggest, we urge her to embrace its omnipresent impact on her life, using it to shift her life from a place of struggle to a higher plane of consciousness.

On her difficult journey toward self-actualization, our community of Aphrodisian Women who have gone before offer the promise that this journey can be completed. This unique and crucial support leads the Aphrodisian Woman toward her authentic life’s work and the realization of her dreams.